A few weeks after the 40-year Reunion (September 7-8, 2007), we had a wrap-up meeting (see pix below) to discuss our successes and shortcomings. On the double basis that everyone enjoyed the events and that the march of time is beginning to stomp us, we decided to hold a BBQ every year, a Big Fun Deal (BFD) on the five year marks and a Grads-Only Bash (GOB) and Formal Reunion Event of the Decade (FRED) weekend on the deca-anniversaries (you know, every ten years).

The RHS Class of 1967 Reunion Committee was headed-up and moved out by Diana (Allyn) Hoff (married to Andy, also RHS ’67), and included (when they didn’t stray) Yolanda “Yoli” (Alvarez) Garcia, Gloria Atamian, Jim Bedel, Brenda (Freeman) Tanner, Joe Garcia, Jim Grace, Phillip Guerrero, Mike Hartounian, Jim LaMar, Larry Lucinian, Dudley Moordigian, Jim Morley, Laura (Peters) Bergen, Genevieve (Sierras) Morales, Charlisha (Thomas) Shubin, Sylvia (Castanon) Soronado, and Darlene (Wilcox) Alcantar. (To see who was who, linger over the photos below with your cursor until the name pops up.)

We met at first monthly, then weekly, in the Murphy Bank Conference Room (thank you very much) to share new contacts, report on venues, menus, decorations, memory boards, flyers, and hash out all the necessary details of planning a big party. We’ll continue to meet quarterly (or thereabouts). Let us know if you’d like to participate.

4 responses to “About

  1. Will Someone please say hello to Missy Hefron for me – give her my email please. We spent some time together in Berkeley 69-73


  2. Well, somehow you found me. Graduated Roosevelt Class of 67. What a time that was. Played football with Don Oberti. His Dad was the olive guru I believe. So where do you guys meet? I live in Redwood City, CA right now. I can drive down, let me know.

    Cary Morse (Your missing list on this site shows my first name spelled “Carey”. It’s Cary.


  3. Hey Cary,
    Thanks for getting in touch. Just eMailed you the announcement for the up-coming 2013 Spaghetti Feed (we usually get 75-100 people at these annual events). I’ll get your name spelled right and take you off the “missing” list.

  4. connie boyd smith

    Hi. I would like to know if your planning the 50th ann. yet? I would like to be included. Connie Boyd, class of 1967. E-mail conniesmith1948@att.net.

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